Hotel New York Rotterdam


Frequently asked questions

Is Hotel New York interested in my old cabin trunk?

At the moment we are fully supplied with cabin trunks.

Are dogs allowed in Hotel New York?

Dogs are not allowed in the hotelrooms.
In the restaurant, dogs are not allowed after 5pm.

What are the options regarding music at our party in your meeting room?

Hotel New York is a beautiful historical building. Unfortunately, this means that noise sometimes travels a bit.  As all our guests are equally important to us, the use of live music in the meeting rooms is subject to strict conditions. If you would like to dance, we refer to our reservations department. For more information, please contact them on phone number +31 (0) 10 439 05 55.

Can I do a traineeship at Hotel New York?

Please see the vacancies section of our website for more information regarding the availability of traineeships.

How many rooms can I book at once?

Using our website it is possible to book up to four rooms at the same time. For reservations of more than four rooms, please contact our reservations department by phone on number +31 (0) 10 439 05 55.

Does Hotel New York offer any connecting rooms?

Unfortunately, there are no rooms with connecting doors in the hotel. It is possible to indicate a preference for adjacent rooms, but because of other reservations and preferences no guarantees can be made.

Is the reception desk always open?

The reception desk is staffed 24 hours per day. It is therefore also possible to check in late.

How many people are allowed to stay in a room?

Some rooms are suitable for two adults plus two children under 12. For most rooms, there is a maximum of three adult occupants, adding an extra bed to the room. For more information, please contact our reservations department on phone number +31 (0) 10 439 05 55.

Does Hotel New York ever offer special weekend deals?

There are no special weekend deals; room rates are the same throughout the year. We do offer a number of special packages, including on weekends, for example in combination with a visit to a museum.

Are tours of Hotel New York given?

Tours of the hotel are only given to hotel-school and tourism students. If you would like to use one of Hotel New York’s meeting rooms, we would be happy to make an appointment to discuss the possibilities and show you our hotel rooms and meeting rooms.

Can I take wedding pictures at Hotel New York?

You are welcome to take wedding pictures at Hotel New York if you are a guest at the hotel and/or a meeting room. Please inform us of your intentions beforehand, so we can indicate the places where photography is allowed. Without a reservation at Hotel New York it is unfortunately not possible to make wedding pictures.