Hotel New York Rotterdam

Hotel New York in the media (10 februari 2015)

What do you look for in a hotel? Comfort, design, individuality – a home away from home? The Hotel New York has that all, plus it has a very extraordinary story to tell. Read the blog> (12 oktober 2014)

Hotel New York is a landmark for the city of Rotterdam. Once it solely stood proud on the banks of the river Meuse (Maas), waving goodbye to passengers on the huge streamliners. Nowadays, although surrounded by immense towers with modern architecture, it still stands strong. The character of the hotel easily beats the ones of the giant buildings around her. Hotel New York is still referred to as ‘The Grand Old Lady’. Read the blog>

New York Post (15 september 2014)

Nearly a half-million passengers left for New York via the Holland-America Line, and its green-turreted Art Deco headquarters still stands at the tip of the pier. The ornate 1901 building is now the boutique 72-room Hotel New York. Read the blog>

Condé Nast Traveler (12 augustus 2014)

A great hotel sets the tone for an entire trip, so where you stay before or after a cruise is as important as the voyage itself. Here are three standouts in popular ports of call—Barcelona, Rio, and Rotterdam—that send you off and welcome you back in style, including Hotel New York. Read the blog>